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A quest for evidence FROM the Bible and a challenge to implement the verdict.
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The Unveiling
By Karla Wagner

There once was a land of darkness,
where cold fingers of treachery
reached caressingly into every depth of consciousness.

The sun, long ago veiled its warmth,
leaving all in shadow and gloom.
Hopeless and lost, time continued,
as night stretched into endless day.

But, there were some, who held fast
to hope, to honor, to the belief in light.
And their reward came swiftly, suddenly, in abundance.

The Gift, at last, was sent.

You smiled on us like a thousand suns,
an explosion of love,
unwrapping layers of warmth and ribbons of kindness.

Our souls basked and soon glowed,
melting icy grips of pain and guilt,
embracing freedom and truth
then reflecting the warmth to another.

And the light on the horizon came
ever closer, ever expanding,
a cleansing tide of illumination, penetrating every mind.

The Son, at last, was unveiled.