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A quest for evidence FROM the Bible and a challenge to implement the verdict.
Examine the Evidence! What happens after death?
Study what the Scriptures teach about the grave, hell and heaven

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Satan said, in the Garden of Eden, "You will not die" and man has believed this in some form or another ever since. The word "Dead" has, through the ages, come to mean "Alive" and man has treated Hell and Paradise to accomodate the "living" dead.

Watching a person die, placing him or her in the grave and searching for hope and answers has been the experience of most people. The Bible gives very comforting evidence on death, grave, resurrection, second coming, secret rapture, hell, and spirits. Do not believe a lie, but discover the answers in God's word.

This study will examine important issues such as:
  • The Hebrew and Greek words translated into "Grave" and "Hell" including sheol, hades and gehenna.
  • Satan's deceptions
  • Immortality
  • The State of the dead
  • The resurrection
  • Seeing corruption
  • Activities of the dead
  • The lake of fire
  • The second death
  • Paradise
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