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A quest for evidence FROM the Bible and a challenge to implement the verdict.
Examine the Evidence! When does God bless a marriage?
Study what the Scriptures teach about marriage, sex, adultery, homosexuality and polygamy.

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Sex has become more important than marriage and the original plan of man and women becoming one in covenant or agreement is out-of-style for many. Fornication is a common occurence. Family, the backbone of society, is being broken down, causing grief and pain.

Many who practice lifestyles not endorsed in the bible are seeking legal recognition and approval. This includes gays, lesbians, polygamists, adulterers and prostitutes. God gives the great ideals and how to deal with these issues through His love. He wants all people to know they can best live a joyful, fulfilling life by following His laws. This is for our health and happiness. Jesus told the woman taken in adultery to go and sin no more. The world we live in makes it very difficult to be so pure that not even a lustful thought can happen, but there is forgiveness and power to overcome through Jesus Christ our Lord.

This study will examine important issues such as:
  • The opportunity and responsibility of marriage
  • Christ's marriage to the church
  • Perversions of marriage
  • Becoming "One Flesh"
  • Forgiveness
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