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A quest for evidence FROM the Bible and a challenge to implement the verdict.
Examine the Evidence! Prayer - Does it Work?
Study what the Scriptures teach about prayer, its benefits, the proper way to pray and whether or not God will answer.

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It is not easy to get to talk to the top person, such as the President of the United States. There are people beween who screen requests and the President would not have the time or the ability to hear everyone.

The imagination is stretched to believe that one's prayers can go through space to God and be heard, analyzed, and answered in a moment by Him. What a step in faith to believe prayer is received and God's will is done in the reply.

God, the most important being in the universe, the one above all, will listen and answer our prayers. Prayer to God brings the Holy Spirit, forgives the sinner, provides power to live a purer life, heals the sick, keeps one from temptation, assures daily bread, removes trouble, brings comfort, makes friends of enemies and is the time to send praises and thanksgiving.

This study will examine important issues such as:
  • Praying effectively
  • Forgiveness
  • Faith
  • The proper way to pray
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