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A quest for evidence FROM the Bible and a challenge to implement the verdict.
Examine the Evidence! Interactive Bible Prophecy Presentations
Study what the Scriptures foretell in prophecy about the world's mighty empires, religious powers, plagues, Armageddon, Christ's 2nd coming, death and salvation.

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Who can predict the future with unerring accuracy? History unfolds event after event exactly as the Bible predicted. Only God's word could achieve this. The study of prophecy is a very rewarding activity. Today, all have the advantage of looking back over thousands of years of history and seeing the accuracy and exact precision of Bible prophecy unfolding. What a faith building opportunity! As prophecies yet to be fulfilled come ever nearer, we can be assured that they will be fulfilled with the same exactness.

The prophecies in this series are primarily from Daniel and Revelation. They cover the spectrum of earth's history. Click on the first topic to begin.

  1. Introduction to Prophecy - Keys to understanding prophecies.

  2. Nebuchadnezzar's Image - World empires (Daniel 2).

  3. The Four Beasts - World empires and powers expanded( Daniel 7).

  4. Sanctuary Symbolism - The plan of salvation illustrated. Many prophecies use symbols from the earthly sanctuary, which necessitates a study of the sanctuary before prophecy can be fully understood. This presentation uncovers the deep meaning behind the items in the sanctuary, the sacrifices and ceremonies involved, and the yearly cycle of cleansing the sanctuary.

  5. The 2300 Days - God's Sanctuary (Daniel 8). This prophecy outlines how the desecration of God's sanctuary occurs and when it is put right again. It provides a timeline for the beginning date of the end-time judgment.

  6. The 70 Weeks - The Messiah (Daniel 9). Prophetic proof of Jesus' identity. Additional Info (chart, verse-by-verse commentary)
    See other Old Testament prophecies predicting Jesus ministry.

  7. Israelite Feasts - Christ's activities in the plan of salvation.

  8. Michael the Prince - Key historical figures (Daniel 10-12). Additional Info (chart, verse-by-verse commentary)

  9. The Red Dragon - The Devil's methods and motivation (Revelation 12). This presentation studies the 7-headed, 10-horned, dragon beast that rampages against God's people.

  10. The Mark of the Beast - True worship (Revelation 13). Learn about a powerful modern nation's role in prophecy, the number 666 and the identity of the leopard-like beast from the sea.

  11. The Three Angels' Messages - End time warnings (Revelation 14). Study how to avoid the mark of the beast and receive the mark of God.
The various images in prophecies, including beasts that resemble a lion, bear, leopard, ram, goat, lamb and others can be difficult to understand. However, the Lord had a reason for giving the messages as he did. Confusion can be cast aside either by studying the prophecies or by paying no attention to them.

Study the amazing Bible Evidence contained in prophecies by clicking on a topic above to view the presentation.
Bear with ribs from Daniel 7