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A quest for evidence FROM the Bible and a challenge to implement the verdict.
Examine the Evidence! The Rock - Who is it?
Study what the Scriptures teach about the true Rock, the Cornerstone, the Keys of Heaven and the Head of the Church.

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The Bible refers to the Rock in many verses. It mentions the Rock of our Salvation, the Spiritual Rock, the Rock of Offence, our Rock and fortress, etc. Who or what is this Rock? Should the trust of man be only in this Rock, or should man believe in other sources of salvation?

It is an amazing story of salvation that one rejected and not accepted would become head of the corner. Our Rock has become precious, a foundation of belief, a spiritual Rock, head of the church and savior of the body. Those who believe in the Rock, can be lively stones, a spiritual house, a holy priesthood, offering up prayers that are accepted by God through Jesus Christ. What a blessing that Christ is one who will receive our prayers, answer them, and will forgive sin.

This study will examine important issues such as:
  • The Rock of Salvation
  • The Rock of Offence and the Stumblingstone
  • The head of the church
  • The keys to heaven
  • The Spiritual house with lively stones, foundation stones and the cornerstone
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