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Many are seeking to discover how the Holy Spirit is at work in their lives and how they can truly be wholly immersed in the Holy Spirit's influence. This area of the website is dedicated to providing a fountain of resources regarding this subject, including articles, presentations and tools to encourage you in your journey. Welcome to your Spiritual Gifts Resource Center!

1. Discover your Spiritual Gifts

  • Spiritual Gifts Analysis - Questionnaire - What are your spiritual gifts? Learn more about areas of ministry for which you have an aptitide by answering the Questionnaire. After completing the Questionnaire, you can see your results graphically and immediately.

2. Implement your Spiritual Gifts

  • Gift Placement Grid - After completing the Questionnaire, view the Placement Grid to learn the spiritual gifts as identified in the Bible and find out how your gifts may be implemented into various ministry opportunities.

3. Learn about the power of the Holy Spirit

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