Three Angel's Messages shared with the world


Angels - Are they real? Study what the Scriptures teach about the existence, activities and characteristics of good and evil angels.

Good and evil are understood by most, as forces in the world in which we live. The unraveling of the origin and influence of angels from the holy mountain of God, to the destruction of evil at the end of the world, can be accomplished in the study of the Bible.

The concept that Lucifer (Satan) was at one time created perfect by God and was dispelled out of heaven by Michael (Christ), becoming the dragon and destroyer of this earth, is understood by some. Almost all believe there is a devil and try to draw pictures of him in various forms. Loyal angels of God doing His bidding with love and affection, with humans as the recipients of much of what they do, is not always understood. Guardian Angels accompany man, they communicate with man, they were present at the birth of Christ, they were present during the life of Christ, they were sad at the death of Christ and angels were there when Christ arose from the grave. It must have been a happy celebration when Christ the Son of God returned to Heaven!

This study will examine important issues such as:
  • The existence of good and bad angels
  • Activities of Gabriel, Michael, Lucifer
  • Actions of the Devil, the serpent and Satan
  • The battle between good and evil
Let the Bible speak for itself. Follow the links on this page to examine the evidence about the angels Jesus created.