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God's Law

Is the law of God relevant today? Study what the Scriptures teach about the 10 Commandments, Ordinances, the Law of Grace and whether or not they apply to you.

Civilizations are judged according to their ability to make laws, enforce laws, and whether or not citizens really believe and teach the morality of these laws. Laws will always be questioned whether they are good or bad. However, the 10 Commandments have unquestionably been held in high regard for their perfection and long lasting influence. Doing away with God's Law for the tradition and wisdom of man is a popular option for many, including the idea that love and grace can operate without law. But what does the Bible teach?

This study will examine important issues such as:
  • The 10 Commandments and for whom they were intended
  • The Book of the Law (Moses' Writings)
  • Sacrificial laws in the Bible and "Shadows" of Christ's reality
  • Commandments of Jesus
  • The Law of Grace
  • The Law of Liberty
  • Blotting out of ordinances
  • Yearly and weekly Sabbaths
  • The "Curse of the Law" and being "Dead to the Law"
Let the Bible speak for itself. Follow the links on this page to examine the Bible evidence about God's law of love.