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Daniel 11: Applying the Principles to verses 25-32
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Daniel 11: Applying the Principles to verses 25-32 - A Quick Overview

The principles and precedents established by Daniel have given us the tools we need to understand Daniel 11. The flow of events and the named time periods in Daniel 11 tell us when to look in history, the divisions/tribes of Rome tell us who to look for, and the description of wars tell us what to look for and where. The following is an example of putting this all together in verses 25-32, as we are pointed to very specific events.

Daniel 11:25-28

According to these verses, after the Roman realm divides (486 AD) and prior to the "time appointed" (538 - 1798 AD), we can expect two major western European powers (2 of the 10 tribes/divisions that made up the Roman realm at that time) to engage in major war for the heart of the realm. It would be history-making, just like all the previous wars in Daniel 11. This occurred in the events leading up to and culminating in the Battle of Vouille in 507 AD. The Franks became the King of the North, and the Visigoths the King of the South, based on the precedent established where the reference point is the perspective of the kings themselves within the realm.

Daniel 11:29-30

In these verses, the Franks (KON - "he") would return to the south during the "time appointed" (538-1798 AD), but would be defeated by another power, a naval power that ruled Cyprus ("ships of Chittim"), which would upset the Franks and cause them to make plans with those who forsook God. This occurred in the events leading up to and culminating in the Battle of the Volturnus in 554 AD. The Franks returned to the south in 538, during the Ostrogoth-Byzantine wars, with continued plans to take control of Italy. But the Byzantines (rulers of Cyprus) defeated the Franks in 554, which thwarted the Franks plans and "grieved" them. But, they had regard for and understood the papacy's position in Italy ("have intelligence with them"), knowing that the papacy was the Franks' key to dominance in Italy and beyond.

Ships of Chittim in Daniel 11

Daniel 11:31-32

Just like the precedent in previous verses, the defeat of the Franks by the Byzantine-papal alliance signal that the focus has now shifted away from the Franks to the next power, the papacy ("them that forsake the holy covenant"). The Pragmatic Sanction of 554 provides the decree to begin the 1290 years (Dan. 12:11) when the daily is taken away and the abomination established.

"31 And arms [strong ones, force, Byzantines] shall stand on his [the papacy's - "them that forsake the holy covenant"] part [Pope Vigilius requested the Byzantine emperor Justinian to issue the Pragmatic Sanction of 554, which officially put Justinian's laws into effect in Italy, making the papacy an integral component of civil government and the papacy's religion enforced], and they [Byzantines] shall pollute the sanctuary of strength [wound the heavenly sanctuary], and shall take away the daily sacrifice [divert attention away from Jesus' continual ministry in the heavenly sanctuary and to the papacy's earthly substitute system of priestly mediation and forgiveness], and they [Byzantines] shall place the abomination that maketh desolate [will establish the devastating revolt, or set into place the substitute mediatorial system of those who rebelled, the papacy]."

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