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6 Reasons to Believe the Bible is True

Is it a struggle to balance faith and evidence? These two actually go hand in hand, and God offers an abundance of both.

1. Prophecy has come true

Without fail, prophecies in the Bible have happened exactly as outlined by the prophets. Predictions made hundreds of years before they happened, have been accurately fulfilled. See the study on the world realms in DANIEL 2 for an example. See also the many prophecies FULFILLED in the life of Jesus.

2. It testifies of a higher power

Everytime you read the Bible, something new can be learned. It is a channel of life-changing power. Its sound advice, proven wisdom and timeless concepts testify that someone of much higher capabilities inspired it.

3. Archaeological finds verify Bible facts

Archaeological finds have confirmed what the Bible provides as history. As archaeologists progress, they oncover more and more evidence to support the Bible. Learn more about recent ARCHAEOLOGICAL FINDS.

4. Historical writers confirm Bible stories

There are a number of reputable historical writers who verify scriptural facts.

5. It has a cohesive storyline

Many different authors wrote the Bible over hundreds of years, yet they provide a consistent, common-threaded and ever clarifying story. This strongly indicates a common inspirational source.

6. The Holy Spirit convicts you to believe

As you read the Bible, the Spirit of God prompts you to embrace its truths. An honest examination with a sincere and humble attitude will result in growing conviction and faith. Studying God's word is a catalyst for the Holy Spirit to work in you and transform your character. Experiencing your own life being changed is the ultimate evidence.