Three Angel's Messages shared with the world

The Scriptures

It is an awesome thought that man has a book, the Bible, given by God through human channels for the revelation of God's words, thoughts and secrets. God must have thought it very important to give the revelation of His character, His existence and how man should relate to Him. There is evidence in the Scriptures of God's power, eternal existence, everlasting love, holiness, goodness, justice and mercy and of hope for every man and woman. The Bible also reveals the struggle between good and evil, where it started and the eventual outcome. Living with God would be the extreme experience, a reality that excites the soul of man and is grasped only through God's truth found in the Bible.

You may have questions: Is the Bible relevant to my life today? What good will it do me? Can it be trusted? What does the Bible teach about the reliability, relevance and authority of the Scriptures? This study will examine the important issues such as:
  • Which parts of the Bible are reliable
  • The superiority of God's word
  • God's requirements to obey His words
  • Prophecy is coming true
  • The purpose of the Bible
  • The cohesiveness of the Bible
Let the Bible speak for itself. Follow the links on this page to examine the evidence that unfold the importance of Scripture in your life.