Three Angel's Messages shared with the world


God entrusts many things to His people. One of these is money. He has established a system to sustain the gospel work that involves tithes and offerings. This study addresses to whom they should be paid, how much should be paid, and why they should be paid.

Is giving away your money a delight? Many would say no! It can be a difficult thing to give away one's hard earned money. But, would God ask us to do something that wasn't in our best interests?

This study will examine important issues such as:
  • What is tithe?
  • What are offerings?
  • To whom should tithes be paid?
  • Is it okay to give my tithe to any organization I choose?
  • How should tithe be used?
Let the Bible speak for itself. Follow the links on this page to examine the evidence regarding Jesus' trust in you with His things.