Three Angel's Messages shared with the world


God established the family unit in the beginning, prior to sin, when He created the earth and all that is in it. The marriage of a man and woman is a sacred institution and designed to bring about happiness and health for humanity. The roles of men and women, who were created equal but different, were also established prior to sin. All of God's designs are perfect and beautiful. When children would be added to the family unit, they would be loved, cared for, trained, and enjoy pleasant experiences together.

But, sin has marred that ideal in many ways. Humanity has brought about all manner of pain, suffering, unhappiness and death upon themselves. Sex has become more important than marriage and the original plan of man and women becoming one in covenant or agreement is out-of-style for many. Fornication is a common occurence. Family, the backbone of society, is being broken down, causing grief and pain. Children are not loved and trained as they should be.

Many who practice lifestyles not endorsed in the bible are seeking legal recognition and approval. God gives the great ideals and how to deal with these issues through His love. He wants all people to know they can best live a joyful, fulfilling life by following His laws. This is for our health and happiness. Jesus told the woman taken in adultery to go and sin no more, giving hope to everyone who is held in addiction or who can't see their way out of a harmful lifestyle. There is forgiveness and power to overcome through Jesus Christ our Lord!

This study will examine important issues such as:
  • Studying the Bible together as a family unit
  • The opportunity and responsibility of marriage
  • Christ's marriage to the church
  • Perversions of marriage
  • Becoming "One Flesh"
  • Forgiveness
Let the Bible speak for itself. Follow the links on this page to examine the evidence that unfold the importance of following God's plan for your family.