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Daniel 11: A Parallel Prophecy

As Daniel 11 progresses through the events of Medo-Persia (Dan. 11:2), Greece (11:3-16), and Rome (11:17-45), a clear parallel is seen with Daniel's previous prophecies (Dan. 2, 7, 8-9). When we get to verses 23-45, the parallels to the King of the North (KON) and the King of the South (KOS) are the 10 toes (Dan. 2) and 10 horns (Dan. 7), which symbolize divided Rome under the influence of religious powers ("little horn"). This internal method of "repeat and enlarge" in the book of Daniel tells us that the activities and identity of the KON and KOS will be explained within the framework of divided Rome. Just like the rulers in Daniel's previous prophecies, these kings rule over God's organized church ("follow-the-church") and thus arise from within divided Rome (the last in the succession of the four earthly realms) ("follow-the-realm").

Daniel's Parallel Prophecies Chart

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