Three Angel's Messages shared with the world

Michael the Prince (Daniel 10-12)

Bible Passage:

Read the prophecy in Daniel 10 - 12.


Key historical figures, battles and events in history, and the final victory of Jesus.


Like previous chapters, this interpretation also parallels the others, and provides even more detail. The main characters are the King of the North, the King of the South, and Michael. The two kings conduct war after war, until finally Michael, who watches over and delivers the righteous, stands up and puts an end to all the fighting. Verses 40-45, of Daniel 11, occur during the "time of the end," the days in which we are currently living. They outline monumental events that culminate in the establishment of a major political situation, in which the world continues until the "time of trouble" when Jesus returns to deliver His people from all earthly powers. The angel speaking to Daniel provides extraordinary detail of specific events that occur during the reign of each power that rules over God's people from Daniel's day until the second coming.

Guidelines, Principles & Precedents

Get started by first studying the interpretation guidelines established by Daniel himself. This is important! The precedents established earlier in Daniel enable the Bible to interpret itself in Daniel 11. Click on the link below for critical details to understand Daniel 11:

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Note: This study is not attempting to make any political statements or support any people groups over another. It is attempting an honest look at history and prophecy based on the Bible. Maps are approximations of areas for study purposes only.