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Daniel 11: Precedents of Greece
Three Angel's Messages shared with the world

Daniel 11: Precedents of Greece

1. Determine the precedents established by Greece

4 divisions of Greece

Early on in Daniel 11, Greece divides into 4 divisions of political power (Dan. 11:5-6). Two of the divisions engage in a series of wars with each other and are named the King of the North (KON) and King of the South (KOS). Though there are 4 separate divisions, Daniel's prophecies still treat them as all belonging to the single realm of Greece (e.g. 4-headed leopard in Dan. 7, 4 horns replacing 1 horn on the goat in Daniel 8) (one beast = one realm). This establishes several precedents to be used throughout the chapter:

The KON and the KOS are two of the divisions of a divided, but single, realm. They are the two main political powers that war against each other, generally positioned north and south of each other.
Precedent A: The KON and KOS do not exist until a realm is divided.

Precedent B: The KON and KOS both arise from within the same realm and each are identified as one of the divisions of the realm.

2. Apply those Precedents to Rome

Precedent A: The KON or KOS are not mentioned until verse 5, because they arise after Greece divided. Then, when Rome becomes the next realm in verse 16 (168 BC), the KON and KOS are not mentioned again until verse 25, because they arise after Rome divided. So, the wars described from verse 25 and on, can only occur after Rome divided in 486 AD.

Precedent B: Just like Greece, prophecy treats the Roman realm as one single realm, even after it divides (one beast = one realm). The KON and KOS both arose out of the divisions of Greece, and in like manner, the KON and KOS BOTH arise out of the divisions of Rome. In 486 AD, 10 divisions emerged in the Roman realm, identified as 10 Germanic tribes. We can expect two of them to became the KON and KOS. The kings can change as time progresses. For example, in 486 AD there are 10 tribes, but by 538 AD there are 3 that have disappeared. Also, powers can rise and fall. By the time of the end (1798 to Second Coming) different divisions/horns become more powerful than those that were the strongest in 486, and rise up to take over as the KON and KOS.

Precedent: Division of Greece

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