Three Angel's Messages shared with the world
  • Bible answers to important questions...

  • What does Jesus offer me? Understand what freedom, goodness and rest truly mean, and how to participate in them. Learn about the plan of salvation, the magnitude of Jesus' actions for you, the gifts He provides and your potential as a new creature.
  • What happens when I die? Be comforted by knowing the truth about death and hell, and the kindness of God in His dealings with humanity.
  • Where are we in history? Study the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation to understand current events, the end-time powers and the nearness of Jesus' 2nd Coming.
  • Does God want me to keep all of the 10 commandments? Learn the role of the commandments in defining sin, establishing the need for forgiveness, pointing you to Jesus for help, and teaching you how to live without harming yourself and those you love.
  • How will God eliminate sin and therefore pain and suffering? Avoid the mistake of blaming God for the tragedies in the world that are actually caused by the sinful choices of humans. God will bring an end to sin, but first He is carrying out a time consuming and delicate process of separating sin from repentant sinners. Learn about this 4-phase plan as illustrated by the Israelite sanctuary.

Today's Word from the Lord

Verse is a quest for evidence from the Bible and encouragement to implement the verdict.